rain bird wifi issues

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It is possible that your mobile device automatically reconnected to a different WiFi network than the Rain Bird controller. This rainbird switch platform allows interacting with LNK WiFi module of the Rain Bird Irrigation system in Home Assistant.. Switches are automatically … Explore the Rain Bird Support Center to find manuals, literature and videos on current and discontinued Rain Bird products. When the signal is poor there may be irregular connection. I have spoken several times with techs at Rain Bird, they walk me thru, re-set up wifi and it works. This is seen at the controller with a blinking red WiFi Module. 04/16. Skip to main content. Why does my controller run through all my zones, stop, and then start all over again. A. LNK WiFi Module WiFi Mobile Application The LNK WiFi Module shall allow users to connect remotely to a Rain Bird ESP-Me or ESP-TM2 Irrigation Controller through a plug-in accessory and using an Apple iOS or Android compatible mobile device with access to the Internet. If this is suspected, check the RSSI […] Download the Rain Bird Irrigation Troubleshooting Guide for tips, common problems and recommended solutions. ... Diagnostics are constantly running in the background checking for signs of potential issues and automatically delivering the results to you. If you can connect to the controller, the best way to check the router signal strength at the controller is to take the steps listed below under “Checking WiFi signal strength through the Rain Bird App.”. This is seen at the controller with a blinking red WiFi Module. NOTE: If necessary, improve signal strength by moving the router closer or using a signal booster. iOS:  Settings-> Select Apple ID -> iCloud -> iCloud Backup (On) Android:  Settings -> Backups (name may vary on different devices) -> Backup (On) (or) Drive (Google Drive App) -> Backups ->