Beautiful Naturalistic Paintings

Erik Koeppel is a traditional landscape painter who has become a leader in the revival of the techniques and philosophy of the Hudson River School. In his painting, he depicts the beauty of nature and retranscribes it with brio. Watching them gives an opportunity for the mind to escape in very charming places, and different seasons such as “Autumn in the White Mountains” or “Massachusetts Coast”, for example.

The highly naturalistic result of his work are created without the use of photography.  Koeppel  studied extensivelu in museums, and in nature to arrive at the determination that the powerful methods of the masters, are in fact an urgently needed voice in contemporary culture, as we can read on his website. In mastering these techniques, this assertion has been proven by the extensive success his work has found nationwide, in the form of awards, publications, academic recognition, exhibitions, and collectability.

More of his work to see on his Instagram.

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