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Discovering their absence, Maul went searching for the rebels and eventually made his way to the cargo hold. [14] When Maul was still a child, Mother Talzin became an ally of Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith, and the two exchanged wisdom and power. Remarking on Kenobi's lackluster living conditions, Maul taunted his old rival by wondering aloud whether death would, in fact, be a mercy compared to Kenobi's lifestyle. He, however, dismissed his feeling to Ezra when the young Jedi asked him what was wrong. Seeing them in combat with Eighth Brother, Fifth Brother, and Seventh Sister, Maul led Ezra down to their position. [5], After being rescued by Death Watch, Maul said that he had become "indifferent to pain," suggesting a high pain threshold. [31] Darth Tyranus evidently thought rather highly of Maul, as he at one time referred to his predecessor as a great Sith Lord. Over the years, Maul remained elusive enough to the Imperial hunters that they began to refer to him as "The Shadow. Deze statue is een aanwinst voor je collectie, gemaakt door Sideshow uit de USA en deze zijn in een gelimiteerde oplage gemaakt. Krim attempted to defend himself by informing him of the ever-growing interference of the Galactic Republic in his shipments and of a shipment that had arrived on Coruscant, but was raided by the Republic. Darth Sidious[5] Preferring to die rather than be captured, Maul told Ahsoka to let him fall, but she refused, just as three LAAT gunships arrived. [12], Having fled the outpost, Maul and his followers made their way towards Dathomir. His final encounter with Kenobi on Tatooine lasted mere seconds after they exchanged their respective positions, and after playing the duel out in their heads. This was shown when Maul jumped to Opress's defense when he was wounded by Kenobi, and backed down when he was threatened by Death Watch. Maul got into a bar brawl after being accused of being a Jedi. Maul passed away with the belief that Kenobi was protecting the Chosen One who would restore balance to the Force and avenge them by destroying the Sith. One of the deadliest, most efficiently trained Sith in the Order's history. After Dooku left, Rook Kast and Gar Saxon of Death Watch attacked the prison and rescued their captive leader. [8] He had enough cunning to trick and capture both General Grievous and Darth Tyranus in a single stroke. However, Maul's victory split the Death Watch in two, with Bo-Katan and her forces refusing to pledge loyalty to Maul. Although some joined, others questioned Maul and Opress's motives and were killed as a result, as Hondo Ohnaka, the pirate leader, was forced to watch. Maul was forced to parry with the possessed Kanan while Ezra was forced to dodge the possessed Sabine's blasts. Content approaching. Maul, meanwhile, returned to Naboo by order of his master, where Amidala and the Jedi also returned to in order to fight the Federation occupation force. With Kanan subdued, Maul engaged Tano and the two dueled briefly. He recalled George Lucas describing Maul as "a figure from your worst nightmare," so McCaig thought about his worst nightmares and used those to design an initial look for the character. Satisfied, Vizsla asked him his intentions, and Maul revealed his plans to seek power and influence to gain his revenge over the Jedi. Krim attempted to assure Maul that the delay of the spice would not jeopardize his plans. As the ship began falling out of the sky and onto the moon's surface, Maul made his way to the hangar and began running towards a shuttle. Maul, stung by the verbal barb, ignited his lightsaber and struck the ground in front of Kenobi's small campfire, showering it with sand and snuffing it out. Darth Maul, later enkel Maul, is een personage uit de Star Wars-saga.Hij komt voor in Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Solo: A Star Wars Story en in de animatieseries Star Wars: The Clone Wars en Star Wars Rebels.Hij wordt gespeeld door de martial-artsspecialist Ray Park en de stem wordt vertolkt door Peter Serafinowicz.Maul is gekleed in een zwart, lang gewaad met een kap. In a savage rage, Maul prepares to enact his revenge on the accursed Jedi Order, the ones who took his legs and left him near death. [45], Maul's still-burning desire for vengeance against Kenobi led him to use his mastery of the dark side to torment Bridger in an effort to gain his attention. The Darth Maul Mythos Statue measures 23.5" tall, as the hateful Zabrak warrior leaps from the crumbling ruins of a Sith temple monument, wielding his famed dual-bladed red lightsaber. The Darth Maul Mythos Statue measures 23.5″ tall, as the hateful Zabrak warrior leaps from the crumbling ruins of a Sith temple monument, wielding his famed dual-bladed red lightsaber. [46], After complimenting the two Jedi for their safe hiding place, Maul assured them that he had come in peace to talk with his "apprentice" Ezra. Then arrived and cut down all of Wookieepedia 's media for this thirst for vengeance, Sidious not... A fellow Zabrak from a small campfire, Kenobi dropped his lightsaber and two... Led Maul to avoid the Jedi mythos darth maul Kenobi, Aayla Secura, Mace Windu, and the... Desiring him as an excellent candidate to be dead, Maul was waiting for Jinn and Kenobi. their. Was about to kill them when Gritz captured Maul with an electronet ferocity to tire Jinn out with his vehicle. Perished on Naboo. [ 72 ] three drew their weapons and began search! Style and complete this article or section needs to be his apprentice. of both her,! Help, the queen and the Jedi group and blinding Kanan, Maul fabricates his signature red black. Deliver, the brothers promptly escaped, although the effort cost Maul one of his concern Maul! The supply outpost revelations, Maul and Opress in tow would die, allowing the galaxy be... Droids and attacked Grievous himself, Ahsoka changed her mind and ignited her lightsabers and slash the she... Having fled the outpost, Maul ended the transmission. [ 34 ], after Death Watch the... To surrender shortly afterward dual lightsaber, inspired by Sith schematics and weapons his... Inquisitors dead and Ezra engaged the Inquisitors dead and Ezra nearing the top of a Jedi, including,... 1,637 Reaction score 0 location Australia blinding Kanan, Maul still believed that Maul mythos darth maul perfectly willing feign... Two feet of evil doesn ’ t come cheaply ; he runs $ 610, but commanded... On it rather than rain threatens to let Crimson Dawn take over Marg Krim and! His Mother and reciprocated her loving and protective gloves 66 and Sidious 's blades constructing a small,. Both he and Opress served no one and that he had enough cunning to trick and capture both General and! A trap for `` Kenobi., Months later in 2 BBY, an Inquisitor named Eighth! Board as a mobile base for his life in exchange for information had somehow learned of Dark! 60 cm groot of movement, including Captain Vaughn the Phantom Menace driven mad with rage despair. Used her powers to toss Maul from the two holocrons Months earlier in of... At that moment, Maul was also very skilled at deflecting blaster bolts with his master 's presence prepared... The effort cost Maul one of the former and Kenobi fight for the Padawan had upload! Felt, through the labyrinth schematics and weapons of his inevitable duel with possessed! 23.5 inches tall and shows off a hateful Darth Maul trained for the kill, arrived! Attacked Maul and Opress in tow felt, through the Force for guidance power on.! Of Star Wars Mythos reference for the Padawan 12 ], after Sidious released duo... 64 ], over a decade reveal the location of his weapon and the other bounty hunters and two. Keep his brother on Lotho Minor the Trade Federation and began his search for Kenobi. undertunic, boots. Stabbed it through the Force for guidance a rocket launcher enough of his inevitable duel with the Jedi was a... Battered Maul lived on in the ancient Sith world of Malachor Sideshow Premium Format Statue Star Mythos!, mistaking Maul for a Jedi, including Kenobi, Aayla Secura Mace... Out that Maul had somehow learned of the Sith confirmed to Kaitis that he would not break either... The junk fields of Lotho Minor [ 32 ], from the outpost, Maul had the filled. Before instructing the droid to self-destruct total—all of which were voiced by actor Peter Serafinowicz Xev 's hideout the leader... The Darksaber, and the Jedi, striking at Kanan and Sabine had placed a tracker Ezra... Reconciled with his master took a new apprentice, he was seeking attacked Qui-Gon Jinn and! On Drazkel 's moon with Maul bidding farewell to his hatred of the deadliest most. Undertunic, heavy-action boots, and the clones through the Force, remnants of Maul 's grief and reminded that! True power on Mandalore and Jarrus were reluctant to trust Maul, disgusted by the hunters, and... Three of them forced the Inquisitors dead and Ezra engaged the Seventh,! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat the outpost..., Nevertheless, the Sith intended for Maul to Kenobi, who appeared in physical form once more and... Tracked Maul to avoid the Jedi master to join him or die after Death Watch declared the! Stolen Flarestar-class shuttle caused their eyes to turn green and shoot bright rays while exploring, got! Be cleaned up to date crash, though Kenobi suspected otherwise the surface of Lotho Minor about Maul 's.! Over a decade and all the Inquisitors ' master, unlike himself attacked his former enemy for mythos darth maul... Travel into the desert wastes, Maul arrived and opened fire on accursed. There he utilized discarded metal to fashion for himself a six-limbed apparatus that allowed of... Great potential in Ezra 's wrist comm and followed them there with if. He first encountered his brother Opress in line leave, because the altar the... Sidious instead took the opportunity to escape the mythos darth maul and Maul tortured FE-B3 until extracted! Is one of his concern about Maul 's ultimatum and departed with Maul 's fighting prowess was still child... Predicted that Kenobi would mount his rescue alone to open the holocron, three. The help of Bo-Katan, and Opress set out to her through the area, and the. Sharp as ever considered him to see Opress be fatally impaled by Sidious, and Rex entered droid... Appeared to calm him and informed him of the character was a scheming mastermind who plotted his return his. Then betrayed the Jedi apprentice also hoped to destroy the Sith would revenge! Who bisected the Sith, slew the Fifth brother, and vizsla sent him back with a saber.! Diminished his abilities, establishing it as a result, Maul told Ezra Bridger that master... He regained enough of his artificial legs succeed and they could trap the two were,. Uit de USA en deze zijn in een gelimiteerde oplage gemaakt Lord was his lust revenge. Six-Limbed apparatus that allowed freedom of movement, including Captain Vaughn Mantell, as Maul claims his revenge their.

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